Recent typhoons that have hit Asia and the US were so devastating that power companies had difficulty restoring electricity. It took, in some cases, months before power was restored. Oftentimes, power which was immediately needed by families was not accesible. They had to rely on their own resources to have the badly needed electricity. For those who had the means, portable fuel-driven generators became the easy solution. But for many, they just had to wait for the big power companies to restore electricity. At Solar Powerhaus, this is unacceptable. There should be ways by which these households become empowered and have a choice on how to access the electricity needed to power their homes and live on with their daily lives.

Bringing in the information for alternative power sources for these households becomes the mission of Solar Powerhaus. We will also introduce reasonably-priced products that will free the households from the grip of the big power companies. Gradually, we shall empower the larger communities to choose how they will light up their homes and their lives.

Our Mission