Why Alternative Energy

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4/13/20231 min read

a glimpse of the sun amidst dense trees
a glimpse of the sun amidst dense trees

Why is it important to seek alternative energy sources? Global energy comes from various sources. These can be categorized into high carbon and low-carbon sources. High carbon sources emit high carbon dioxide (CO2) that is harmful to our environment. These high carbon sources contribute heavily to global warming. It lowers down temperature and changes the climate of our planet. In effect, we might not sustain a livable planet for our children and the future generations.

These carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are measured in carbon footprints. Those with high carbon footprints mainly come from oil, gas and coal. While those classified with low carbon footprints are energy sources from solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. In the context of our discussion, the low carbon footprint energy sources are what we refer to, particularly solar, wind and hydro. In the meantime, we leave behind nuclear in our advocacy as there are issues that we may not be qualified to discuss in this article.

A big portion of the world's energy still comes from high carbon footprint sources (oil, coal, gas). This comprises over 80% of total.

It is, therefore, important to have alternative energy sources rather than relying solely on conventional energy for several reasons. Firstly, alternative energy is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels contribute to air pollution and climate change, whereas alternative energy sources like solar or wind power are renewable and emit fewer greenhouse gases. Additionally, alternative energy can reduce dependence on imported fuels, enhancing energy security and reducing geopolitical tensions. Moreover, alternative energy sources can provide economic benefits by creating new job opportunities and stimulating technological innovation. By diversifying our energy sources and embracing alternatives, we can move towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future.